So, I teach classes ... and ... then what?

There's more to teaching than just teaching, as Yogi Berra might philosophize.  Yeah, I get up in
front of two or three classes each semester and preach the gospel according to Pythagoras.

But there's more to teaching than that.  Here are some of the other pedagogical-type things I do.

Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics (MATM)

I am the director of the Online MATM program, which offers a Master's degree in teaching math,
completely separate from and supplemental to a normal math certification.  Click here to go to the
informational web page for the program.  I advise most of the MATM students as far as course
selection, and advise approximately half of their Master's research projects.

Pi Mu Epsilon

I'm the former advisor for UDM's local chapter (Michigan Beta) of Pi Mu Epsilon, the National Honorary
Mathematics Fraternity.  Every Spring we honor our best and brightest math students, and not just
the math majors, but also math education majors and other science majors who take a lot of math.
I organize a fun afternoon of good food and good company, with a short induction ceremony and
an interesting and accessible math talk. Lazaros Kikas runs the show these days, but I still enjoy helping out.

Undergraduate Mathematics Research

I'm currently working with Scott Anderson and some undergraduate research assistants
on a project linking linear algebra, abstract algebra, graph theory, and software engineering.
Click here for the synopsis I wrote which landed the supporting mini-grant.

I also have a paper pending review regarding the social experiences and difficulties
of "blue-collar mathematics students." Click here for this paper.