What do I do when I'm not "getting my math on?"

Do I spend time teaching my children calculus? Of course not, don't be silly!
They're too young to get into college, so they're doing independent studies....


I'm a member of the Detroit Curling Club. It's my primary athletic passion from mid-October to the end of March.

Curling is known as "The Roaring Game" because of the noise the sliding rocks make, or "Chess on Ice,"
due to the interesting strategies that can arise.  I love the combination of strategy and athleticism --
the intricate planning and plotting, combined with the balance and agility needed to deliver the rocks accurately,
and the strength and endurance needed to vigorously sweep your teammates' rocks.
It's the kind of sport you have to play to fully appreciate.
Come on out and try it, and odds are you'll fall in love with it!


The rest of the year, I'm a baseball player.  I played from the ages of 7 to 18, and have recently
started having more "Seasons in the Sun" thanks to the Detroit Men's Senior Baseball League.
I can't put into words how good it feels to be out there, playing a boy's game as a grown man.
Have you ever noticed how all the greatest baseball movies are really love stories?
That's not a coincidence.  There's something magical about the "American pastime."

I'm a catcher, and I have the knees to prove it, but I can still steal a base or two.
I play for the 21+ Mets, the 21+ referring to the minimum age of players in the league.
You can check out my statistics by clicking here.
No autographs, please.


I also enjoy taking other people's money at the poker table.  Texas Hold'em, of course.
The chips you set down will be mine momentarily -- all you're doing is paying for a lesson.
Have no illusions.  You see, it's a math thing....


I'll give you a decent game of chess, too, but to be quite honest, I'm actually not very good.
I'm unrated, and I don't put much effort into studying the game.  I just like playing now and then.
I'm sure it won't be long before my kids are kicking my butt!


I'm not sure which I like better -- eating good food or preparing it. It's an Italian thing. Bueno appetito!
But I have a flair for the exotic, as well. Here's a picture of a plate of sushi and sashimi I made for a party a while back.