Undergraduate School Math (and Physics)

I earned two bachelor's degrees, in Mathematics and Physics, from St. Bonaventure University.
My studies there have also included some graduate courses in mathematics education,
taken in a Master's program. I continue to be a fan of Bonnies Basketball.
After all, they're the only major sports team within 70 miles of where I grew up!

Graduate School Math

On August 10th, 1999, I completed the requirements for and received the
degree of Doctor of Arts in Mathematics, having worked for several years in absentia
from the Department of Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon, in Pittsburgh.
For my doctoral dissertation, I wrote a textbook for a basic course in linear algebra using
instructional technology. I also hold a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon.


I worked a two-year appointment as a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at
The University of Texas at El Paso, during which I taught four courses per semester
and worked in absentia on my dissertation. I look on it as a post-doc in math education.

Useless Math Facts

My Erdos Number is: 5

My "mathematical genealogy" can be explored here.